About us

SDSC is a fill station support center for scuba diving in the Protaras and Ayia Napa region, with the capacity of providing the highest quality of diving support to diving centers and divers in the region. SDSC is not a diving center. Our goal is to help the existing regional diving centers expand their business in terms of (i) quantity and (ii) range of activities. SDSC is a filling station where you may rent tanks for your recreational and technical diving needs or fill your own tanks at extremely competitive prices. We are also renting brand new diving and snorkeling equipment (regulator, BCDs, masks, fins, computers) etc.

As a Support Center we also aim to collaborate and support governmental and non-governmental organizations with research and education activities related to the Eastern Mediterranean marine ecosystem, maritime archeology, and more broadly contribute to the development of marine ecological awareness. Furthermore, we have the capacity to support training and actual search and rescue missions.

  • Guaranteed supply of tanks (with a pre-order)
  • Guaranteed ability to fill air/nitrox/trimix (for rented or own tanks)
  • Our facility has 3 HP and 1 LP compressors with capacity of 2,100/L per minute
  • Huge storage system (ability to operate even in cases of electricity shortage)

Highest of Quality of air
  • The only facility in Cyprus that can monitor, during tank filling, the CO, CO2 and O2 levels, as well as oil and humidity levels.
  • We maintain a constant examination of our air prior and upon return of our tanks.
  • Our tanks are of the highest quality and are always up to date with the hydrostatic and visual inspections.

Working with us will:
  • Save you time
  • No need to waste time filling up tanks
  • Reduce your operating cost
  • No need to own, maintain or run a compressor to fill up tanks
  • No need to own and/or maintain tanks
  • Reduced salaries: no need for overtime cost to fill up tanks during after hours
  • Reduced insurance cost (e.g. if you do not have compressors or own tanks)
  • Smaller rental space (no need to have room for compressor and/or tanks) or utilize your space for other needs

SDSC LTD is a proud distributor of the following brands

  • LW Compressors (Cyprus & Greece)
  • ZEAGLE (Cyprus & Greece) 
  • Atomic Aquatics (Cyprus & Greece)
  • Oceanic (Cyprus & Greece)
  • Hollis (Cyprus & Greece)
  • BARE (Cyprus & Greece)
  • Stahlsac (Cyprus & Greece)
  • Suex (Cyprus)
  • ScubaForce (Cyprus)
  • OMS / BTS (Cyprus)

  • Make your diving center more flexible and diversify your revenue sources
  • Any tank size you need for recreational diving (ranging from 2L to 18L)
  • Offer new courses for maximizing profit – e.g. nitrox courses
  • Ability to expand your technical diving courses and activities (nitrox, trimix, rebreathers)
  • Facilitate large recreational or specialized diving groups
  • More comfortable and safe dives for your staff
  • All tanks for your staff will be Nitrox for the price of air